Years of experience in fitting bedroom furniture

Furniture Fitting

Years of experience in fitting bedroom furniture

Since 1982, The Fitted Bedroom Centre has employed the skills of a handful of specifically chosen furniture craftsmen to fit our contemporary bedroom furniture.

But the experience goes far beyond simply fitting your furniture, we do a lot more... Please click here to view examples of previous fitted bedroom plans.

1. Only the best fitters

Our professional installers will fit your new bedroom furniture to perfection, with the absolute maximum of care.

2. Attention to detail

All infills and panels are scribed and crafted, ensuring your furniture fits seamlessly in to its surroundings - your bedroom

3. Quality control

All draws and sliders are checked to ensure they are working as expected. All rubbish is cleared away and your home is left clean and tidy.

About our fitters

With a team of highly skilled and professional fitters working closely with The Fitted Bedroom Centre you can rest assured you have a team you can trust.

Gary Turner‚ a cabinet maker by trade has been fitting for The Fitted Bedroom Centre for nearly 20 years‚ always a likable and obliging chap his vast experience reassures customers that they have a man they can trust in their home.

Steve O'Flinn‚ a ship builder by trade has been fitting for The Fitted Bedroom Centre for nearly 5 years nothing is never too much trouble for Steve who uses his skills to help create the bedroom you had dreamed of.

Frank Layton‚ also a ship builder by trade‚ has been fitting bedroom furniture for 16 years and no tidier worker could visit your home.

Paul Miles (nearly retired)‚ over 30 years of experience of fitting and working with Martin. Highly thought of by our customers who constantly request for him time and time again.