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Above you will see just some of our headboards and bedside table options. We have an extensive range of headboards and bedside tables specially made and designed to complement your bedroom. Would like to find out more? Please contact us to arrange an appointment.


When it comes to creating a truly luxurious spacious bedroom retreat to which you can retire and relax in comfort, we know just how important it is that the finishing touches are exactly right for you.

Our range of Hammonds headboards include designer fabrics from renowned Harlequin & Designers Guild. Perfectly upholstered, they blend in exquisitely with your personal choice of bedroom furniture, lending your dream bedroom that touch of luxury.

For the ideal classical finish, why not choose from our beautiful selection of matching wood finishes, each complementing your chosen furniture exactly?

We believe you will be truly delighted with the wide range of Headboards we have to offer.

Bedside Tables

When it comes to combining practicality with stylish elegance, the ideal bedside table completes your fitted bedroom perfectly.

With great contemporary and classical designs on offer, we even boast our fabulous Palladian bedside table, complete with luxurious Swarovski crystal handles.

Why not wake up to enjoy a cup of your favourite tea or coffee in total comfort? Our handy slide out tea trays combine with our bedside tables to make waking up each day a truly delightful experience.

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